Thanks for visiting Hix & Son Aquatics where our experience and expertise can provide you advice and guidance, or perform the construction of your new pond. We can make additions such as waterfalls to existing ponds or give you a whole new look for your pond. Our construction includes the use of natural stone and beautiful, natural looking artificial rocks made of light weight materials that you’d have to see and feel to believe!

We are happy to consult with you regarding many solutions to common pond problems such as water quality and inadequate filtration. Even a well-designed, constructed, and maintained pond will not guarantee the absence of common fish parasites and illnesses. Clear water doesn’t necessarily mean you will have healthy fish.

After experiences of losing our own fish (it’s always your favorite one that dies), we have attended many seminars with hands-on labs. We have learned to identify parasites by the use of our microscope. We are available for on-site consultation if you are having fish health problems.

Hix & Son Aquatics is just a phone call away. Please contact us anytime! We can help you increase the enjoyment of your pond and its inhabitants.

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